1989 - Origination Opens its Door

The start of 25 years of innovative marketing communication solutions...over 8,000 individual project components, made in excess of 300,000 phone calls and processed half a billion reward points.
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For Origination, 1989 was the start of 25 years of innovative marketing communication solutions. We should have had a picture. We opened the doors at 9 Birkenhead Street North Fitzroy with Kevin Taylor and Rodney Richards as directors, sitting on a couple of folding chairs at a card table and a single telephone.

We had some good contacts and gathered up a team of creative and client service staff. Concepts were sketched by hand, type was set on a typesetting machine and hand pasted onto artboard before being couriered to the film separation house and ultimately transferred to plates for printing.

Our first computer was an Apple IIE with a massive 512k hard drive and 256k memory! Word docs were transferred on floppy disks. Artwork and proposals were carried in art folios and presentations delivered via overhead slides.

We thought we were the ants pants when we installed our first mobile phone in the car which was about the size and weight of a house brick.

From those early days till today, we have worked on over 8,000 individual project components from the simplest business card to complex data driven loyalty programs. We have executed numerous challenging design issues and sourced unusual and hard to find solutions for interesting client briefs. Our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) have made in excess of 300,000 phone calls and through various loyalty programs and sales promotions we have managed over $9 million in rewards and half a billion in reward points.

If you're looking for the answer to a perplexing issue, searching for ideas on how to motivate your customers, hunting for a creative outcome or you just want someone to manage your project in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner with a minimum of angst...give us a call. We have over 25 years of experience.

1990 - Shocking

The market was cluttered, Sorbothane's sales were shocking. To get them on their feet again, we developed new packaging, a 30 second radio ad and transit advertising. Sales increased by 93% in one year.
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 In a market cluttered with inner soles and foot soothers, Sorbothane's sales were shocking. They had a dated image and dwindling retailer support.
We were asked to relaunch the range and boost awareness in the 21 to 65 year age group.

To get them on their feet again, we developed a 4 month campaign for Victoria only, to monitor the campaign's effectiveness.

New packaging created higher impact in stores.

A 30 second radio ad was created and went to air on two stations.

Advertising appeared on trams and buses.

And a range of brochures and display material was provided for consumers and retailers.

The results were spectacular. Sales increased by 93% in one year.

Based on this positive outcome, we then extended the campaign into other states, with outstanding success.

1990 - Crisis

IOOF Funds Management had an identity crisis. Origination initiated research and a marketing strategy was developed to build a credible and prestigious image. The investment paid off. A high level of awareness was re-established and sales continued to grow.
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The Funds Management Division of I00F had an identity crisis. It wanted to attain the level of credibility associated with organisations such as Bankers Trust, but had a Friendly Society image.

Origination initiated research with I00F staff and finance industry personnel. Held regular meetings with their marketing staff and attended industry functions, becoming an integral part of their team.

A marketing strategy was developed to build a credible and prestigous image. Some of the initiatives were:

  • An upgraded range of sales material.
  • Promotional and teaser items
  • A credentials document.
  • A series of national press and magazine ads.
  • Direct marketing, exhibition displays, and presentations to selected groups via Sky Channel.

Other projects branched out from the central brand building exercise, including a strategy and campaign to tap into the growing out placement market to provide lead generation for their agents.

Their investment in Origination paid off. I00F established a high level of image and awareness in the market and enjoyed continued sales growth.

1991 - Accent on Sucess

Black & Decker's range of hair care products had been taking a battering. They called for some Origination style. The Origination solution was revamped name and logo, brand re-positioning, new product colour scheme and packaging design.
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The competition in hairdryers had Black & Decker tearing their hair out

Origination provided a new look with the accent on success

Black & Decker's range of hair care products had been taking a battering. Sunbeam and other brands were winning in the low to mid-price points and Breville ruled in the professional/quality segment, where Black & Decker lacked a competitive model.

Worst of all, Black & Decker was about to be de-ranged from most retail chains including Myer and Grace Bros, following severe criticism of their products' packaging. Part of the answer was to rationalise the existing "Accent" range, introduce a number of new, competitively priced units and establish an upmarket option which became known as "Advanced by Accent".

At this point, they called for some Origination style. We realised the project required the development of two independent images to clearly position each range in its correct market.

Working closely with the client, we implemented an appealing colour co-ordination for each range, and vibrant new packaging for each product.

The Origination solution for the existing Accent range incorporated a fresh, white and mint green colour scheme to replace the existing pink and grey design of the Accent range. Packaging was then developed which differentiated Black & Decker for the clutter - pristine white products against a hi-tech background.

The new "Advanced by Accent" range needed a little more effort. Our involvements included name and logo development, brand positioning, product colour scheme and packaging design. Classic basalt grey castings, blue green logos and bluestone embellished packaging presented the product as a truly professional option.

Black & Decker hair care products stood prominently at point-of- sale, offering customers a clear choice of which products suited their needs.

Following the introduction of the new packaging and livery, all retail accounts agreed to maintain the Black & Decker Accent range and several commenced stocking the new "Advanced by Accent" models.

A little style from Origination had Black & Decker looking good.

1991 - Good Call

With increased competition in the communications industry Telecom needed a vehicle to launch their Business Improvers Program. Our solution was an innovative direct marketing program.
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 With increased competition in the communications industry Telecom needed a vehicle to launch their Business Improvers Program to potential and existing business customers throughout Australia.

Our solution was a direct marketing program to demonstrate Telecom's professionalism and offer extra value in the form of a promotional piece that would be retained and accessed by the decision maker.

We produced an innovative suspension file for general customers, and an upmarket satchel for major corporate customers.

The 40,000 kits distributed, provided a regular communication mechanism for Telecom's ongoing Business Improvers Program.

In addition to campaigns such as this, we have also designed and produced a broad range of regular communication pieces, including product release and information brochures.

1992 - Big Fish

Black & Decker were looking to get their Marlin power tool accessories into hardware stores, Origination opened the door with a pair of glasses and a bottle of wine. 97% granted an appointment. 62% closed successfully. 
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Getting their range of Marlin power tool accessories into hardware stores proved frustrating for Black & Decker. Historically, a poor brand image and narrow range contributed to a lack of respect from retailers and even an appointment was a major achievement.

However, Black & Decker was not prepared to walk away from such a lucrative market and were anxious to try again.

We had to find a way to induce the store owner to take another look at the accessory range. The bait: glasses and a bottle of wine.

Suitably primed, the retailers welcomed a visit from a sales person. Armed with a full colour trade presenter, self-standing presentation folder, product information and price catalogue, the sales executive possessed all the necessary tackle to hook the deal.

It worked. 97% of those who received the teaser granted an appointment. Of these appointments, 62% were closed successfully. And most hardware stores increased their order between 50% and 100%.

The President of the Black & Decker Accessories Division, Hunt Valley, USA, said, "This has got to be the best program we have ever done in Australia... or internationally."

1992 - Irons were flying out the door

The client called on us to design a promotion to encourage high volume orders of irons and assist retailers to sell through. We secured an offer from Ansett to give them the wings to do it.
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 When it came to moving irons, Black & Decker had previously employed several different incentives to inspire consumers with mixed success. Offers included bonus cans of Fabulon, free ironing board covers, "Win and Ironing Lady" and $10 cashbacks.

The client called on us to design a promotion to encourage high volume orders from the trade and assist the retailers to sell through to the consumer. On this occasion we had 30% less promotional funds available, the recessionary trend was continuing to spiral downwards and their prime competitor Sunbeam was launching a new product range.

At Origination we have never been able to resist a challenge.

To make up for the reduction in promotional dollars, we had to find a partner for a joint promotion in which Black& Decker would fund the advertising and the partner would provide their products or services at a very attractive rate.

Enter Ansett Australia!

Following length negotiations, we secured an offer from Ansett which entitled Black & Decker iron purchasers to access specific Ansett holiday packages at exclusive rates - rates unavailable to the general public.

To kick off the promotion we devised a retailer teaser campaign that posses intrigue. It was based on a travel bag emblazoned with Ansett Australia logo packed with appropriate sports and travel gear.

Having gained the attention of the retail decision makers, Black & Decker representatives went into the field to sell the promotion. They were armed with a number of powerful promotional weapons.

A prestigious trade presenter featuring a "flying iron" and attention-getting P.O.S. Pieces impressed the buyers. Consumers were invited to "fly through the ironing with Black & Decker and fly away on an Ansett holiday". High impact, powerful stuff! And so was the response.

By the time the consumer campaign had started, retailers had committed to over 100,000 units ...an overwhelming response from the trade, especially in less than ideal economic conditions.

1993 - Jump Start

GNB's battery sales were going flat. Origination initiated research, developed a new name and labels, a merchandising unit that greatly improved product selection information and a supporting video. Sales jump started with a 31% increase in margin.
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GNB's battery sales were going flat. Poor branding and lack of product information meant they were in danger of being de-ranged by their major outlets.

Origination initiated research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product profile.

We developed a new, more appropriate name - "Ignition Plus", to enhance the consumer's perception of the brand.

Working closely with the mass merchants, we produced a merchandising unit that enhanced the product display, greatly improved product selection information and increased consumer safety.

New labels were designed to carry a stronger selling message and installation information.

A supporting video informed merchants about the program and was also edited for use as an in-store presenter.

Our program satisfied all the marketing objectives. Greater shelf turns contributed to reduced warranty claims and long term sole supplier status was established.

Importantly, the improved sales mix led to a 31% increase in margin over budget.

1993 - Boost

Sega were looking for the solution to revive flagging Megadrive sales. We created a sales promo centring on a unique paint can containing games, Sonic shaped sweets and bonus items. It produced mega sales.
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 When Sega were looking for the solution to revive interest in flagging Megadrive software sales, they called on our inspiration to give them a boost.

The response was a sales promotion centring on a unique paint can containing games and specially developed Sonic shaped sweets. Randomly included in the cans were bonus items such as T-shirts, caps, Sega sports watches, and major prize vouchers.

The Mega Booster Pack produced mega sales, with many stores selling out within the first few days.

The next task was to repackage and reposition previously released Megadrive software. To give retailers a reason to stock and maintain support for existing product in the face of new technology.

Three dynamic 'Collections' were developed, with unique sub brandings and high quality, high impact packaging.

The Gold Collection included good value for money sellers, Platinum incorporated more popular titles and Sega Sports was introduced to launch new sports titles.

Renewed confidence, an increase in shelf facings and subsequent increased sales, resulted in a strong, ongoing commitment from retailers.

1994 - Stuck

Dunlop needed to improve their relationship with a major customer, reduce sales of unbranded and competitive product and increase sales. We devised an incentive program realising a sales increase in Dunlop branded product of nearly 10%.
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When Dunlop wanted an idea to put more tyres on the road they headed straight to Origination. Dunlop had three specific objectives: To improve their relationship with a major customer, reduce sales of unbranded and competitive product and increase sales of Dunlop branded product through that major customer. 

After talking with both parties, we devised an incentive program aimed at all the major customer staff. The main elements included:

  • A sales board game with prizes awarded to participants and high achievers.
  • Direct mail of teasers, posters, etc.
  • Fortnightly communication with 280 stores.
  • Analysis of each store's performance.

Post promotion research proved the program to be enormously successful, realising a sales increase in Dunlop branded product of nearly 10%.

From this research, a number of enhancements were evolved, and a second and third program recorded a very healthy 14.5% increase in sales.

1994 - Brush Up

British Paints had lost its gloss. We created a brand/retailer promotion, involving the NBL. An on-pack offer of caps, in-store appearances from NBL stars, a competition and in-store P.O.S. resulted in overwhelming demand from retailers.
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Dulux wanted a promotion to brush up the image of British Paints, a brand that had lost its gloss over the years.

As British Paints had been lacking support for some time, Dulux needed to demonstrate to retailers
a commitment to the brand.

Our research revealed a most effective way to use the budget. We created a brand/retailer promotion, involving the NBL. An on-pack offer of NBL caps, in-store appearances from NBL stars, a competition and in-store P.O.S. resulted in overwhelming demand from retailers who received incentives in the form of a trip for two and a special all-stars leather jacket for the best display.

Stock was so well sold into the retailer, Dulux had to increase the initial order of NBL caps.

The finished result was increased sales and a high level of brand awareness. Importantly, Dulux's commitment to retailers with a positive and valuable drive to support the British Paints brand resulted in increased stock levels.

1994 - Truckstop

When Dunlop discovered that some truckies knew more about truck tyres than their own sales staff, they made tracks to Origination. We delivered a campaign that Dunlop considered the most effective counter sales program they had ever run at the time.
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When Dunlop discovered that some truckies knew more about truck tyres than their own sales staff, they decided to get serious about their truck tyre program.

They made tracks to Origination, and we identified several areas that needed attention:

  • Increase the level of technical and selling knowledge of staff in tyre resellers.
  • Provide customers with sales and technical information.
  • Confirm to resellers that Dunlop has an ongoing commitment to their truck tyre program.
  • Once we had a profile of the people we were communicating with, we delivered a campaign that comprised:
  • A large instore customer flipchart with technical and sell-up information for sales staff.
  • Acrylic P.O.S. support mechanisms.
  • A 20 page consumer brochure.
  • A 64 page technical sales pocket booklet.

The results from this campaign were remarkable. Dunlop considered this the most effective counter sales program they had ever run at the time.

1995 - IT works

Officeworks needed strong, innovative packaging for their house brand, at a low cost. We produced a customer friendly design which was simple, effective and easy to read.
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Officeworks needed strong, innovative packaging for their house brand, at a low cost. 

The key was to make the selection process for the customer a straightforward exercise. At the same time it was essential to maintain corporate design principles and a strong brand image. 

We produced a customer friendly design which was simple, effective and easy to read. The strength of the design is that it can be easily transferred between different product groups and different sized products. 

Our very cost effective approach included the management of all print production and packaging elements, technical assessment of production viability, and co-ordination of the project between Officeworks buyers and their suppliers.

Quite simply, the design for Officeworks. . . works.

1995 - Made In China

When Pacific Brands decided to launch Bondswear clothing into China, we developed a program including international quality packaging, stationery and presentation material, merchandising concepts for "shop-in-shop" and a fashion catalogue in English and Mandarin.
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When Pacific Brands decided to launch the Bondswear range of adult and children's clothing into China, they invited us on board.

We were briefed to:

  • Develop an international graphic to appeal to the up market developing segment of the Chinese population.
  • Compete with and displace existing international brands in the market.
  • Travelling to China, we researched the market and gained first hand experience of local culture and retail operations.
  • A program was then developed to meet these objectives. Elements included:
  • International quality package design for socks, underwear, polo shirts and children's clothing, reflecting top European design influence.
  • Stationery and presentation material to match the international design criteria.
  • Merchandising concepts for "shop-in-shop" and Specialty counters, in-store gift packaging, special bonus packs, light boxes, etc.
  • An international fashion catalogue in English and Mandarin.

This comprehensive promotional package ensured a successful release into the Chinese market.

1995 - Getting the message out fast

When Exide Batteries needed to help Repco deliver a super fast message to workshops across Australia, they called on Origination to come up with a tasty direct mail idea.
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For decades, Exide Batteries were the market leaders with one of the widest ranges to suit most popular vehicles and available at more outlets than any other brand.

In order to get a jump start on their competitors, Repco Auto Parts included Exide Batteries in their "Fast Parts" delivery service which meant that workshops no longer had to carry large stocks of batteries. The claim was that Repco could deliver a battery in under an hour which was as fast as a pizza.

To deliver the message to workshops across Australia, we created a direct mail concept where the sales presenter was designed to look like a pizza and enclosed in a pizza box.

1996 - Attracting Interest

IOOF needed to update their image and attract new members. Tightly targeted campaigns were created, using telemarketing, direct mail, brochures, newsletters and radio. According to IOOF's GM - Member Services, "The success of the program far exceeded our most optimistic projections"
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With IOOF's restructuring of branches into Member Service Centres, came a need to update their image. They needed to attract new members, without alienating their existing client base.

We developed a direct mail campaign to all staff and members while completing a redesign of their entire range of literature.

This included the Annual Report, using fresh graphics, 'target profile' photography and theme colours, to achieve a revitalised uniform look.

In addition, over a turbulent 6 month period, we continued to develop strategies to tackle the key issues of unfreezing OST funds, new extended deeming legislation and the maturing of 10 year bonds.

Tightly targeted campaigns were created for each, using telemarketing, direct mail, 'needs based' brochures, branch communications and informative newsletters.

Over the same period, direct mail and radio campaigns were conducted to promote IOOF's Home Loans, attracting substantial interest from home buyers.

The result was a major slowing in potentially serious fund outflows. In fact, according to Chris Bruce, IOOF's General Manager - Member Services, "The success of the program far exceeded our most optimistic projections, - congratulations and thanks from IOOF".

1996 - Let's Go

A campaign was launched to Repco bicycle dealers via catalogue, multi-media presentation and a dynamic 3D display. The trade response was that it was the best display they had ever seen. A Xmas campaign followed with posters, counter cards, a cash competition supported by radio.
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To launch the 1997 range of Repco bicycles, the theme "Let's Go Repco" was created to appeal to both consumers and the trade.

Active and inspirational, the campaign theme was introduced to the Repco dealer network via a full colour catalogue, an interactive multi-media presentation and a dynamic 3D display that produced an excellent reaction. The response from the trade was that it was the best display they had ever seen from the industry.

To further encourage sales in the lead up to the peak Christmas selling period, a huge Christmas campaign was developed. Two million catalogues were dropped nationally. Eye-catching posters, counter cards and swing tags were displayed in-store. And a cash competition was designed, supported by a fun radio campaign on Fox FM in Melbourne and 2 DAY FM in Sydney.

As expected, it produced enormous sales, steering Repco towards continued success in 1997.

Repco radio ad

1996 - Better Go Ryco

Origination's task was to develop a total package to reaffirm Ryco as number one. A bold sci-fi entertainment theme involved nearly $2 million in trade programs, consumer competitions, national television, radio, press and innovative POS. The investment paid off.  TV ads Radio ads
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GUD, Australia's largest and oldest filter manufacturer, needed to relaunch the RYCO brand.

Although still the preferred brand of filter in the market, distributors were concerned by an apparent lack of support and loss of market share.

Origination's task was to develop a total communications package to reaffirm RYCO's number one position in the market.

We had to get the distributors on board. Encourage them to stock and recommend RYCO oil, air and fuel filters. And encourage customers to ask for RYCO.

As the audience was males 18-34, a bold sci-fi entertainment theme was developed, along the line that you'd "Better Go RYCO".

Nearly $2 million was invested in the campaign, involving trade programs, consumer competitions, national television, radio, press, and innovative point of sale material. We organised a national launch held at the Old Treasury building cellar to deliver the message to resellers and distributors.

The investment paid off. RYCO distributors were astounded by the quality of the multi-media presentation and renewed their enthusiasm for the brand. This resulted in substantially increased sales and a greater commitment by stockists to promote the product.

TV ads Radio ads

1996 - Solid Advantage

When Laminex decided to relaunch their Azteque solid surface product, we created the "Azteque Advantage Program", a complete dealer package with a unique sample selector, stylish practical merchandiser and classic signage, brochures and accreditation plaques.
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When Laminex decided to relaunch their Azteque solid surface product, they came to a company with a solid reputation for strategic and creative thinking.

To give Laminex dealers an advantage to promote and install a solid surface product at the high ticket end of the kitchen benchtop market, we invited selected dealers to form a network.

We developed the name, "Azteque Advantage Program", and a complete dealer package was created. We engineered a unique sample selector from acrylic and high impact plastic. Designed a stylish yet practical merchandiser for retailers and architects. And topped it off with classic signage, brochures and accreditation plaques.

An overwhelming response from dealers has meant that sales increased and Laminex was making a solid profit.

1997 - A Good Bet

Laminex wanted to improve their relationship with the trade market. Winning Colours was created to reward customers for loyalty. 5000 customers provided an 80% response rate. The yearly sales target was reached in just 7 months. Sales increased 23% over the previous 12 months.
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Laminex wanted to improve their relationship with the trade market while keeping a tight rein on their budget, so they approached Origination for a winning formula.

Winning Colours was created as a relationship program, rewarding customers for their loyalty and rewarding Laminex branches for cabinet makers' performance.

Over 5000 customers around Australia entered the program, with a response rate of 80% by the seventh week.

With such enthusiastic participants, communications and sales improved dramatically. Laminex reached their extended yearly sales target after just 7 months. Sales increased 23% over the previous 12 month period, and they saved over $1.5m from their mainstream merchandising budget.

Their customers earned over $2m of rewards - all paid out of the incremental gross margin.

Importantly, Origination managed the entire program, working closely with Laminex in identifying and segmenting their customer groups. The resulting detailed database gave Laminex valuable customer information to an extent never before possible, forming a database culture within the organisation that Laminex continued to use to keep their nose in front of the competition.

1997 - Guiding Star

This local marketing concept revolved around a Christmas Lights Competition, where residents decorated their homes to win prizes from local Professionals Real Estate agents. Over 1000 residents participated in Victoria & Queensland supported by local TV stations.
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After successfully trialling a bright idea in a major regional centre, The Professionals engaged Origination to expand and execute the concept throughout Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

This relationship / local marketing concept revolved around a Christmas Lights Competition, where residents decorated their homes and gardens with lights, to win prizes awarded by local agents.

Our task was to make it as easy as possible for all of the participating agents to take the concept to their local areas.

A Christmas Lights Spectacular Kit was produced, containing everything the members needed to run their own campaigns, including a step-by-step guide, ready-to-use press ads, lawn signage, trade flyers with individual agents' details, posters and a list of suppliers.

Over 1000 entrant signs were erected in Victoria, and Queensland was able to secure in addition, local TV station support. Overall, the promotion was supported by local newspapers and radio stations, strengthening local networks and contacts. And the Professionals gained valuable presence in the community.

A shining example of teamwork!

1997 - Knock Knock

Gainsborough Hardware knocked on our door to launch a new range of Architectural hardware. We designed first class, innovative packaging supported by striking display stands for the Designex exhibition plus a technical yet stylish, user-friendly manual.
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Gainsborough Hardware, renowned throughout the world for its fine quality residential door furniture, wanted to introduce a new range of architectural hardware. So they knocked on our door.

This innovative range, suitable for both residential and commercial applications, was targeted at architects.

To ensure a positive first impression, we designed first class, innovative packaging to reflect the excellent quality of the products, supported by striking display stands for the Designex exhibition.

To appeal to architects and commercial specifier builders, we produced a technical yet stylish, user-friendly manual containing high quality photography, technical illustrations and full details of all the products on offer.

The manual acts as a valuable selling tool for Gainsborough's sales people and has the advantage of being easily updated as new products come on line.

An impressive entry into the architectural market had the desired effect, and Gainsborough were starting to lock in profits.

It is, in essence, a blue-print for success.

1998 - Oil Change

Pennzoil needed a higher profile in a competitive market. We motivated distributors via a "Rev-Up" program increasing sales by 24%. We developed unique packaging supported by quality brochures, innovative merchandising, sales promotions and a national TVC campaign.
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Pennzoil, manufacturers of premium engine oils, needed to gain a higher profile in the extremely competitive Australian market. This involved relaunching the brand at distributor, retail and workshop levels.

We started with the distributors, motivating them to accelerate sales. Using Pennzoil's renowned motorsport sponsorship as a theme, the "Rev-Up" program included rewards for purchases, prize draws and product specials.

As a short-term incentive, "Rev-Up" did just that. Sales increased by 24%. Distributors were re-motivated. And importantly, all rewards were paid out of the incremental margin.

We designed and developed world class packaging, with a unique double-handle and leading edge label design.

High quality range brochures were designed and produced. A national television campaign drove the Pennzoil message home, and innovative in-store displays, merchandising and sales promotions are kept the brand top of mind.

Origination moved on to improving the equity and awareness of the Pennzoil brand.

Pennzoil Television ad

1998 - Bigger Bite

Boral was looking for a bigger bite of the security door market. We developed a fun incentive program.... "The Amplimesh Big Game". We won't give too much away, but we can tell you that sales increased by 38%.
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Eager to snare a bigger bite of the security door market, Boral was on the look out for effective ideas.

Boral explained that while door manufacturers were happily purchasing the famous Amplimesh grille, they were leaving other door parts behind.

To attack the problem, a fun incentive program was developed. In "The Amplimesh Big Game", the more parts Boral customers purchased, the further they could 'swim'  - the aim being to get to the Boral Sales Conference in Cairns, for free.

Cans of Shark Fin Soup contained the ingredients of the game, a tracking poster allowed them to plot their progress and a detailed brochure gave a taste of all the other prizes they could snap up.

Origination managed the entire program, calculating and communicating monthly results, co-ordinating travel and supervising the conference.

Although tight security prevents us from giving too much away, we can tell you that sales increased by 38% - and if that's not biting off a lot to chew we don't know what is!

1998 - One For The Road

When the TAC needed a vehicle to take drink driving messages to students, they came to Origination. We assembled an innovative educational package, making sure the project ran smoothly, to help stop our teenagers becoming bloody idiots.
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When the Transport Accident Commission needed a vehicle to take their drink driving message into schools, they came to Origination.

We took on the complex task of assembling an innovative educational package to appeal to secondary school students.

A CD Rom was chosen to deliver the lesson, as interactivity aids understanding, together with two videos and student workbooks (all developed by third parties) containing material from the award winning "RAW TV" series for 13 to 17 year olds.

These items were packaged in a creatively designed briefcase with contemporary graphics, forming a resource kit for English teachers. "RAW in the Classroom" was ready to drive the message home.

From a technical and logistics point of view, Origination made sure the project ran smoothly, resulting in the delivery of an effective training tool to help stop our teenagers becoming bloody idiots.

1999 - Groundbreaking loyalty program

1999 marked a significant milestone in the Australian automotive aftermarket. Origination gathered 7 leading brands to launch AutoPartners, a rewards, data gathering and marketing communication initiative…the largest program of it's kind in the industry at the time. 
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1999 marked a significant milestone in the Australian automotive aftermarket. For the first time, 7 key brands, and eventually 15 of Australia's leading automotive aftermarket parts brands came together under one marketing initiative called AutoPartners developed and run by Origination.

Every facet of the program from concept and launch at the MCG, to workshop member recruitment, monthly marketing communications, database development, data analysis and reward fulfilment was managed by Origination.

Within a couple of years, it evolved into one of the most comprehensive databases in the Australian automotive aftermarket supported by a professional project management team and dedicated customer interaction centre.

At the conclusion of the rewards element after 12 years, the program had delivered over 290 million reward points to mechanics across Australia which were converted into over 16,000 individual rewards for more than 10,000 members.

Today, AutoPartners is a cost effective platform for participating brands to deliver high quality presentations at technical trade nights. Over 170 events to over 8,600 mechanics.

Case study: Building Australia's largest loyalty program for automotive workshops

2000 - Origination Relationship Mgmt System

Having looked at many off-the-shelf platforms including numerous bolt-ons to accounting software we quickly realised that we needed something customised to our own requirements so we built our own database platform.
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Following several years of running various loyalty and sales promotional initiatives, we realised that we needed a robust yet flexible database to continue to successfully run loyalty and rewards programs and manage confidential client data. We looked at many off-the-shelf platforms including numerous bolt-ons to accounting software and quickly realised we needed something customised to our own requirements so we built our own database platform called ORMS, the Origination Relationship Management System.

The ORMS database provides the technology platform for Origination to run all our CRM, loyalty, reward and sales promotion projects, maintaining customer contact and sales data. It enables us to run multiple, unrelated databases and projects at the same time. It's also the heart of our online CRM product, Start Systems and web based dashboards.

Case study: CRM: Gaining a competitive advantage by building relationships with customers


The Met was embarking on an off-line scratch ticket system. We needed to encourage retailers to sell tickets and educate consumers in a hurry! The result - 1,000 retailers ready for the change over and offline ticket sales up 22.6% in 12 months.
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When The Met decided to embark on its revolutionary, if not controversial, off-line scratch ticket system, their agenda demanded a very precise time frame. They wanted the new ticket system in 1,000 retail outlets throughout Victoria by November 1 and the new tickets to be sold and used from December 1.

The introduction of the new system required a sales promotion campaign which encouraged retailers to stock and sell the new scratch tickets. Consumers also needed to be educated to change their traditional buying patterns.

The Met's advertising agency produced a TV campaign while Origination put the imaging and implementation program on track.

Initially, we conducted research to determine the promotional and communication mechanisms that would best communicate the new ticketing arrangements.

From this research we designed and extensive sale promotion campaign, which included:

  • Product imaging and communication guidelines.
  • Ticketing dispensing system.
  • Outlet identification/signage/A boards, etc
  • Point-of-Sale material, including posters, brochures, mobiles.
  • A brochure mail drop with incentives to over1 million households which had a dual role of increasing store traffic and educating the public.

The result of the campaign was that, within an extremely short lead time, 1,000 retailers were prepared for the change over with shop front identification, in-store promotional support material and immediate consumer demand.

When The Met demanded an express result, Origination had the expertise to keep the program on line.

Case Study: Strategies to motivate Metcard Retailers

2002 - Natra nipped into Origination

Becoming Natra's marketing partner, Origination took on the challenging task of coordinating and managing the communication needs of ninety plus radiator and air conditioning stores in the Natrad franchise network, scattered nationwide. TV ad Radio ads
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From the well known and highly successful "Nip into Natrad" radio and TV campaigns, which we managed in conjunction with our media partner, to the design and roll out of consistent and on brand store car livery and branch signage, as Natra's marketing partner, we met the often unique needs of each of the ninety plus stores across the Natrad franchise network

Working side by side with the conference organisers, we were heavily involved in the staging of Natrad's annual Franchisee Conference. Origination developed the theme for the conference, found the perfect keynote speaker and produced the conference guide - that's as well as actually presenting and participating in the workshops.

Other tasks our team performed included producing the franchise network's regular newsletter, Natrad News, coordinating the national Yellow Pages advertising - back when you had to be in the Yellow Pages - as well as completing numerous jobs for individual franchisee stores, from flyers and POS materials, to bus signage and taxi backs!

TV ad Radio ads

2003 - Out of the box marketing

The strategic and creative partnership between Origination and Bendix provides a snapshot of our complete skill set in one relationship. Over 5 years we delivered radio advertising, website solutions, packaging, catalogues, branding and sales promotions, brochures and more. Radio ad
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Origination had a strategic and creative partnership with Bendix from 2003 through 2008. During that period, the challenge was to provide a constant stream of ideas to take Bendix to market in an innovative fashion. About the time OCRM began its relationship with Bendix, the brand was under attack so it was time for some "out of the box" marketing ideas.

Over the 5 year relationship, the team at Origination provided Bendix with a complete package of marketing and communication solutions which are too numerous to capture in one article.

A key re-invention of the brand was the launch of the new Bendix General CT brake pad. Origination assisted with the research and evolution of the name right through to the logo, pack design and position statement including logos and straplines for technological features.

Part of the renewed communication of Bendix as a brand leader and experts in brake friction was an overhaul of the website.

Origination set about developing a site which was modern, easy to navigate with enhanced functionality including an extensive online catalogue, distributor locator, comprehensive product and technical information, a product selector guide and a separate site featuring performance products. The updated web solutions included a regular electronic newsletter and various incentives and promotions to gather email addresses and encourage visits to the site. Site traffic increased from an average of 4,000 unique visitors per month to over 10,000.

Annual research was conducted and benchmarked. The challenge for Origination was to tap into the "no comebacks" sentiment without appearing arrogant. The result was a new positioning line, "Put your foot down with confidence".

The positioning line was applied to every printed piece including trade ads but perhaps the most powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of advertising has been the brand campaign on metropolitan radio.

Having considered the cost effectiveness, impact and reach & frequency of various media, we chose the broadcast impact of radio to narrowcast to brake fitters to lift awareness and rebuild confidence, talking directly to brake fitters everyday.

Radio ad

Research has shown that brand recall and Bendix as first preference continued to improve since the campaign has run and Bendix continues to advertise on this medium today.

To support all these initiatives, we also executed many promotional campaigns to encourage short term sales activity. From box top offers to gifts packed with multi-pack deals.

Finally, we also managed the production of the Bendix catalogue, converting and scaling hundred's of brake pad images, formatting over 600 pages and proofing to ensure that the job was done correctly. It's something that's second nature to the team at Origination.

Case study: New packaging for Bendix

2004 - Research leads to loyalty program

Origination CRM conducted research which led to the development and implementation of a points based loyalty program, a first in the steel industry in Australia. After an overhaul and new look in 2014, Constructor Steel Direct sales are up 14%.
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In 2004, Origination CRM implemented a research project for Smorgon Steel (later changed to Bluescope Distribution) to understand their customer base with a view to facilitating an improved customer relationship strategy.

With a deeper understanding of their customer base, a strategy was developed to invigorate the customer base, increase sales, generate customer loyalty and differentiate themselves from competitors. To address these goals, Origination CRM researched, developed and implemented Constructor Steel Direct - a 'points for purchases' loyalty relationship program.

Constructor Steel Direct has enabled BlueScope to communicate regularly and effectively with their customers via the program's newsletter, points statements, emails, website and via our customer interaction centre. Following an overhaul and the creation of a new look in 2014, the program has grown and year on year, sales increased by 14%. Membership has increased to 1,700+ customers who've been awarded over 170 million points to date, 110 million of which have been redeemed for various rewards items. The Constructor program has not only increased sales, but proven to be a cost effective method of communication and customer retention.

Case Study:  Constructor Steel Direct

2005 - Pumping up Sales

Pentair Water approached Origination to develop a rewards scheme to encourage Onga Pump shops to increase sales of Onga products. We created the Onga Advantage program where 21.6% of registered participants exceeded previous sales by over 50%.
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Pentair Water approached Origination to develop a rewards scheme to encourage Onga Pool and Pump shops to increase sales of Onga/Pentair Water products. They also wanted a program that would create loyalty to the Pentair Water brands, build relationships with customers and provide data to help segment customers by potential and performance.

We subsequently created the Onga Advantage program which included the theming, launch pack, internal staff collateral, database development, data analysis and ongoing communications.

To support the initiative we also developed:

  • a sub-program for Pump and Pool shop sales support staff
  • set up a hotline for participants
  • a mystery shopper initiative
  • a Consumer promotion with the associated in-store POS, website, prize management etc
  • outbound telemarketing to gather information and build customer profiles
  • points statements
  • source and manage rewards redemption

So what did we achieve:

  • 91% of Pool and Pump shops invited to participate actually registered
  • 21.6% of the registered participants achieved their growth targets and exceeded previous year sales by 51.7%
  • a further 23.7% of registered participants collectively exceeded the previous year's sales by 23.8%
  • almost 600 rewards claims were processed.

2006 - The ingredients for a successful trade night

Origination has been successfully delivering quality tech trade events to mechanics for more than 9 years. With over 170 events attended by more than 8,600 mechanics, AutoPartners is an extremely cost effective means to connect with workshops.
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AutoPartners trade nights deliver valuable sales leads to participating brands. Coordinated by Origination CRM, AutoPartners trade nights have been successfully delivering quality technical training nights and trade events to mechanics Australia wide for more than 9 years.

Origination CRM puts companies in front of automotive mechanics and workshop owners to promote their business and products, alongside like-minded brands, quickly and cost effectively.

The intention of AutoPartners trade nights is to educate, train and influence workshop behaviour. It's an opportunity to meet face to face with hundreds of workshop managers and key decision makers to present product and technical information about your business. And of course, the aim is to generate sales leads and enquiries

Events are professionally coordinated and include:

  • Communications with hundreds of AutoPartners workshops
  • All the work is done for you. All elements are managed on behalf of brands who simply come along and set up displays and present
  • Professionally designed invitations promoting brands and followed up with phone calls and SMS reminders
  • Quality venues and catering provided
  • MC who fully coordinates the event
  • Opportunities to include resellers and joint promotions
  • Celebrity appearances from V8 drivers and race teams at select events
  • Customer surveys and attendance lists
  • Program website

Trade nights are held at various venues including TAFE colleges and on occasions we're fortunate enough to secure memorable locations such as Bowdens Own showroom, probably Australia's greatest collection of muscle, racing and touring cars. Apart from hearing technical updates from major brands, the invited mechanics were able to view 30 legendary vehicles from Australian race history.

Dan Bowden provided a fascinating and intimate knowledge of each vehicle and how they were brought back to life. From Kevin Bartlett's Cheyy Camero, Pete Geoghegan's GTHO Super Falcon, Allan Moffat's Trans Am to a unique Mercedes Benz 1955 300 SL Gull Wing.

Here's what some brands say about AutoPartners events:

" It would normally take me several weeks to visit the workshops who attend one event"
- Barry Langan, Monroe Representative.

" As a technician in this fast moving industry it is great to find out the latest information from a number of brands in one evening. The networking is also a great benefit of attending these evenings. As a trainer and technical editor of "The Automotive Technician" (TaT) it is a bonus to be able to talk with so many technicians in one venue in one evening."
- Jeff Smit, TaT

Case Study: Door Busting Trade Night at Bowden's Own
Case Study: New brands, great locations on the AutoPartners trade nights calendar for 2014

2007 - Farmers get some credit with HiFert

When HiFert briefed Origination CRM to reinvigorate their SuperCredit product, we started from the ground up, creating a new logo complimented with design, production and distribution of a comprehensive set of materials for their dealers.
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 When HiFert briefed Origination CRM to reinvigorate their SuperCredit deferred payment system product, we tackled every element of the campaign, from designing a new logo, through to media and an efficient method of distributing materials into the field.

While HiFert SuperCredit is a product for farmers, HiFert dealers actually sell the product, with HiFert providing the necessary tools and support to enable them to do so. Along with the new logo, we created a fresh new look for the dealer brochure as well as a comprehensive package of sales building tools, including brochures personalised with the dealer's details, posters and counter cards, a CD containing the SuperCredit Calculator and the necessary forms.

Further support was provided via a print media campaign in the rural press, for which Origination developed the creative and provided coordination on HiFert's behalf.

Finally, we used our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) to follow up HiFert dealers to discover what materials they actually needed, and then completed the fulfilment and distribution of the dealer packs. It was the first time this exercise had been carried out and lead to much greater efficiencies and customer response.

2008 - Helping Bosch give the Cash Back

Bosch Home Appliances (BSH) asked Origination CRM to manage the customer redemption process for cash back offers on a range of products which required fulfilment of thousands of cash back forms on Bosch's behalf.
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When Bosch Home Appliances needed an organisation to manage the customer redemption process for a number of cash back offers on a range of products from Induction Cooktops to Washing Machines, they looked to Origination. We managed the complete communication process including the Bosch Cash back hotline, faxes and mail. We processed and verified literally thousands of redemption forms in a very tight time frame..

The campaign required our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) to input serious volumes of data entry and make hundreds of outbound calls to customers to verify information. The project needed our meticulous attention to detail to ensure that Bosch paid out the correct cashbacks to customers in a timely fashion.

2009 - Delivering quality communications

Origination has been cranking out printed and soft copy (EDM) newsletter communications for over 20 years. The DuluxGroup Training Academy magazine is just one of many examples.
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 When it comes to newsletters, updates and bulletins in both printed and soft copy email (EDM), we have built up particular expertise for which we are renowned. We have the experience honed over 20 plus years to co-ordinate every aspect from content planning and writing right through to designing and formatting the artwork. No matter the size, complexity or level of creativity, we have the skill set to deliver.

The DuluxGroup Training Academy magazine is just one example of regular newsletters managed by Origination. The Training Academy magazine has been prepared 3 times a year by the Origination team from scratch. It features 24 pages of quality, informative articles aimed at retail paint, hardware and garden centre staff.

Origination provides the complete suite of services to ensure this publication gets to its target audience including project management, content and article development, copywriting, design, artwork, printing and fulfilment. Each edition is professionally managed by our client managers liaising with marketing staff from each of the DuluxGroup brands - Dulux, Selleys, Yates and Woodcare.

Our association with DuluxGroup and newsletters actually dates even further back. We have been project managing, designing and copywriting the Dulux Accredited Newsletter since 2002.

If you need a quality publication created and delivered with a minimum of fuss, Origination is the right company for the job.

2009 - Just quietly...we know our stuff

The relationship with Motospecs has enabled us to demonstrate a wide range of Origination's skill set. Whether that be re-positioning the Kelpro or Ferodo brand with new logos and taglines or building a trade display stand for the AAAA show.
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In 2009, we commenced a marketing partnership with Motospecs which over the time, has called on the full suite of Origination's skills and services. The strategic and creative association has produced multiple communication solutions including development and building of a new website, new logos, taglines and brand identities for several products, packaging, product brochures and project management and building of trade display stands.

When Motospecs were looking to launch their new Ferodo Thermo Quiet (TQ) brake pads, they called on Origination's years of strategic experience in the automotive aftermarket combined with innovative communication ideas to create the "Just Quietly" campaign.

Another key brand under the Motospecs banner was Kelpro, the rubber product range and hardpart specialists.

Our task was to develop a new campaign for Kelpro. Through research with key stakeholders, such as retailers and workshops we discovered the brand promise of "comprehensive product knowledge", which we crafted into the "We know our stuff" campaign.

The line fits perfectly into everyday language used in automotive workshops and captures what Kelpro stands for...specialists in rubber and hardparts, backed by people who know their stuff.

Every 2 years, brands such as Motospecs present their offer at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) Trade Show.

The April 2013 show was another opportunity for Origination to demonstrate our skills. After presenting several cracking concepts, a design was settled on which provided Motospecs with the opportunity to showcase its 9 key brands using an eye catching layout, well placed lighting, dramatic graphics, and videos. In addition to being visually appealing, the stand included practical utilisation of the available space and the complete display was designed, manufactured, installed and dismantled cost effectively and with minimum of effort.

2010 - Helping Rola get out there

The Rola brand needed a refresh. Following research with end-users and retailers, we developed the "get out there" campaign. The new positioning drove the look of the Rola Product Range guide supported by appropriate product and lifestyle images.
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 Rola is Australia's oldest and one of the most well known roof rack brands.

Our brief was to give the brand a refresh. This started with research, speaking to retailers, initiating mystery shopping, speaking to end-users and liaising with Rola to help us better understand who, why and when people use roof racks and why people choose Rola.

We subsequently developed the "get out there" campaign which formed the basis for all new creative material including the Rola Product Range guide, and this was progressively integrated across other Rola marketing collateral and advertising.

The "get out there" campaign positioning drove the look of the Rola Product Range guide including the selection and treatment of images such as product and lifestyle photography, as well as determining the design and layout.

The Rola Product Range Selection Guide was an impressive 32 page A4 marketing tool for Rola dealers nationally, which inspired one dealer to comment...

"I have just had the opportunity to review this long-awaited catalogue, and wanted to pass on our view that this is a sensational selling aid! Please convey a 'well done' on our behalf to your marketing team..."

Subsequent to the re-launch, Rola was in the process of developing a revolutionary new product in roof racks. They wanted something that would demonstrate the 30 year history of the brand whilst promoting the new product. We developed a series of posters that captured the heritage, the breakthrough design & engineering behind the product, the research and the ideas behind the latest innovation. These posters were used at the original launch event and became the basis of an ongoing campaign.

2011 - Customising a CRM platform

When one of our clients asked us to provide a CRM system that was accessible by their sales team we created Start Systems. This web app provides all the functionality of a customised CRM platform located on your own servers with access from any desk top or mobile device.
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One of the hallmarks of Origination CRM's success in running loyalty and rewards programs and managing client data over many years has been the robust database platform that we built called ORMS - the Origination Relationship Management System.

When one of our clients asked us to provide a CRM system that was accessible by their sales team in the field we created Start Systems which runs off our ORMS platform.

The Start Systems CRM Web App provides all the functionality of a customised CRM platform located on your own servers but with the flexibility to access the system from a desk top, or a mobile device including laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones anywhere your sales or marketing team are situated. All they need is web access.

The system offers the following benefits:

  • Immediate insight into customer activity and prospect leads originating from any channel
  • Articulate sales forecasts and track sales probabilities
  • Business wide access to a consolidated view of customers
  • Encourage, enforce and track best-practice sales methodologies you want in your business
  • Graph sales history, log projects and sales opportunities and record appointments with reminders
  • Data is secure and access is password protected with admin capability to manage user privileges
  • Views of customers, projects or sales can be filtered as required to match specific users or management requirements and of course, reports can be customised to meet designated needs
  • Best of all, it's easy to use.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a CRM platform deployed through a web interface and customised to your specific needs.

Case Study: Origination Customises a mobile CRM System for Acrow

Case Study: Our exciting new CRM System

2012 - Running a successful B2B sales promotion

One of our key attributes is the execution of B2B sales promotions. We've had a history of successful campaigns. Many of the BlueScope promotions require customers to increase sales by up to 50% and we routinely achieve this.
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 Origination has run numerous successful short-term sales promotions for BlueScope Distribution over many years. After a 2-year hiatus, we looked do things differently, to achieve and exceed the same type of successes we'd helped them achieve previously.

The promotion which commenced in March 2012, involved seven concurrent promotions for different business units. The number of customers involved also meant we needed to streamline the registration process enabling the promotions to run efficiently.

A purpose built website, optimised for both smart phones and tablets, was designed to manage registrations and enable participating customers to log-in securely to check their progress.

Some customers took advantage of the "early bird" registration prize and registered online. However, an intensive outbound telemarketing campaign by our Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) team saw the number of registrations more than triple, resulting in over 40% of those customers invited becoming registered. Once registered, customers had to increase their purchases by 30%, 40% or 50% over the same four month period year on year to 'earn' one of three different level prizes.

The creative for the promotion took inspiration from the top level prize of an Apple iPad with the printed brochure formecut to the shape and size of the iPad with all details displayed within the "screen".

Origination developed and managed all aspects of these promotions, with every department - client management, IT, creative, web, CIC and rewards - involved from initial creative, facilitating monthly e-Updates, through to coordinating the purchase and distribution of the prizes to the 15% of registered customers who received a prize. And over half of these customers achieved the top level level prize - a great result!

Case Study: Maintaining the success of B2B sales promotions

2013 - On the move

After nearly a quarter of a century, it was time for Origination to find a new home. We were fortunate enough to find the right location just a few hundred metres up the road with a park, mobile coffee van and tram stop right outside the door.
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Origination CRM has always been proud of the fact that as a business we can combine tradition, history and experience with fresh, modern ideas and up-to-the-minute technologies.

Staff, clients and friends who had come to work with and visit us at 9 Birkenhead Street since we started in 1989, often remarked on the wonderful ambience of the old building, with its exposed brickwork, high ceilings and funky art deco furnishings.

It was a bit of a challenge but we managed to secure a fantastic new building just around the corner in North Fitzroy, with similar exposed brickwork, high ceilings and provided plenty of opportunity for us to revamp our working spaces.

The move itself was not without its challenges, knocking through walls, rearranging digital communication and electrical services, sifting through a quarter century worth of memories, archives and relics but we are more than happy with our new residence at 141 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy.

2013 - Innovative sales promotions

 When developing a new Sales Promotion, we understand that customer engagement is one of the critical success factors. In our experience, an essential step in achieving this is for customers to 'register' to participate by offering an innovative registration prize.
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When setting-up and developing new creative for a Sales Promotion for one of our Clients, we understand that attaining customer engagement is one of the critical success factors. In our experience, an essential step to achieve this is by having customers 'register' to participate, encouraging them to do so by offering an innovative registration prize - who wouldn't want a remote control Mini or even a Helicopter, just for registering? - and making the registration process as simple and time friendly as possible.

Not only does the registration prize need to be innovative and engaging, it needs to fit with the theme for the promotion, be available in bulk at a cost effective price and be (relatively) easy to distribute to participating customers - so a fair bit of thought goes in during the planning phase for any new promotion.

BlueScope Distribution have certainly seen the value in conducting these short term targeted sales promotions which in turn, provide their sales team with an additional sales tool, creating differentiation and setting them apart from their competitors. We have executed numerous campaigns for BlueScope with great success recordinding short term sales increases up to 14%.

Case Study: Innovative Sales Promotions

2014 - At the start of every great project

Acrow has been at the start of every great project from the Sydney Opera House to the MCG providing formwork and scaffolding since 1936. Origination has been at the start and the finish of Acrow's recent projects including a new responsive website.
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Across Australia, Acrow has been at the start of every great project from the Sydney Opera House to the MCG to the Brisbane Airport Link delivering high quality end to end solutions to both the formwork and scaffolding industry since 1936.

To help Acrow's customers experience their capabilities, Origination created a new, user-friendly website.

The new site is super easy to navigate and of course it utilises responsive design so it displays correctly on desktop and mobile devices.

Information on Acrow products is now simpler to find with high quality photos of products and systems in use as well as handy quick-download product guides.

A new online image gallery enables Acrow customers and prospects to see products and systems in use with more indepth information available via case studies.

Click through to the new Acrow website

2015 - Streamlining the price list process

The production of price lists is probably not the project that most marketing staff look forward too but we have a couple of decades experience in streamlining the process. In fact we've assisted Gainsborough Hardware to format, print and distribute price lists since 1997.
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For most marketing staff, the annual or regular price list update is probably not the sexiest project. The data is often in multiple spreadsheets in various formats, changes are hand written on numerous versions, additions, deletions, etc etc and all you want is a professional looking price list formatted, printed (or digitally loaded) and distributed on time with a minimum of fuss.

We solve problems like this for clients on a routine basis and we've been managing the Gainsborough Hardware price lists since 1997. Our team, from the client managers through to the creatives, production and Customer Interaction staff coordinating the fulfilment and mailing, have years of experience in seamlessly managing large, detailed projects of this type. Our creative team know exactly what's required to display the information for optimum legibility and ease of understanding. We utilise purpose designed software to convert data based spreadsheets into design and formatting software. Which means we can handle the large volumes of information and transform this into formatted, artwork incorporating individual product descriptions, multiple product codes, prices, barcodes and product images ready for print or electronic output.

These are just some of the ways in which we streamline the process for Gainsborough Hardware:

  • Manage the coordination of the 'data' for the job involving hundreds of products, images, prices, GST, SKUs etc.
  • We provide a consistent design and layout which presents each price list in an aesthetically pleasing and logical format.
  • We handle the entire process from spreadsheets right to through to delivery of the finished product into the hands of staff, stockists and resellers.
  • We also produce a digital version of the price lists with an interactive CD allowing for easy searching of product information for distributors and resellers.

And ultimately, we help Gainsborough make it easier for distributors and resellers to sell their products. After many years of experience, we're actually pretty good at it.