QR Codes What Are They & What Can They Do For You?

Originally invented for the auto industry in Japan and designed for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes are two-dimensional, or matrix barcodes.

The key difference between the two and one of the reasons QR codes are now being used much more widely, is their comparatively large data storage capacity.

2D barcodes typically hold 20 numerical digits, while a QR code can hold up to a massive 7,089 numerical digits, or 4,296 alphanumeric characters, while taking up less space!

The rapid growth of smart phone and mobile internet usage, combined with QR codes' large data storage capacity, have seen QR codes fast becoming recognised as a valuable sales and marketing tool.

Easy to use QR code scanning apps installed on smart phones or tablets, decode the content of a QR code using the three squares in the corners of the symbol as reference points. If your smart phone or tablet did not come with one of the many free scanning apps pre-installed, they're easy to download and install from the relevant app store.

QR codes are now being used by businesses of all sizes to engage customers by connecting offline and online environments.

These are just a few of the ways they are being used:

  • On direct mailers, linking the customer instantly to the relevant web page or online offer.
  • To link to an instructional or educational YouTube video in a brochure, or on a poster.
  • On business cards - people you meet can scan your card and instantly add your contact details into their smart phone or tablet.
  • In product catalogues, in press ads, or on packaging, to link to online product specifications, installation instructions, demonstrations, etc.
  • To power a data rich, fully fledged customer loyalty program.

Contact us to discuss how your organisation could benefit from integrating QR codes into your marketing plans.

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