Gain a competitive advantage by building relationships with customers...

Origination CRM has been helping clients recognise their customers and opportunities for over 26 years. We enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage through the building and maintaining of relationships with their customers�recognising who they are and understanding their needs.

Realising Opportunities

We help identify valuable customers and spot potential barriers to business growth.

  • How well do you know your customers?
  • What is their capacity to increase or switch their business?
  • How do you attract new customers to your business whilst retaining your existing customers?
  • Can you win back lost customers?
  • How do you build relationships and increase individual customer lifetime value?
We can help you find the answers and have the experience and resources to tailor a customised program to enable your organisation to realise your objectives.

Generally we recommend that research be conducted prior to evolving any reward program or loyalty initiative in order to segment the customer base and establish the benchmarks. 

Prior to launching the Winning Colours program for Laminex, we reviewed and researched every customer targeted for the campaign and assessed how well each account manager knew their customers and the potential for growth. From here we set targets for each customer and launched a comprehensive program which not only realised millions of dollars in additional revenue and margin, but generated a wealth of data about the customer base and improved the relationship with the trade market.

We achieved an 80% response rate from 5000 customers and sales increased 23% over the previous 12 months!

Cost Effective

We design programs to reach and maintain profitable customers.

Our team can provide advice and recommendations on how to structure a program to achieve the best results cost effectively. 

  • We help identify which customers should be invited to join.
  • Should the program be points based and how do you value those points.
  • Should the program include targets and how to set those targets.
  • How do you structure the program to reward "loyal" customers yet leverage incremental sales & margin.

Prior to developing the BlueScope Constructor Rewards program, customers were researched and analysed to understand their propensity to increase their steel purchases or indeed switch their business. The result saw some great opportunities uncovered in customers previously rated as insignificant and the evolution of a long term rewards program targeting small to medium sized customers.


We create programs that deliver results�we know what works!

Since 1989, Origination has created and project managed a wide range of successful incentive, rebate and reward programs, including staff incentives, for our clients, across a wide range of industries and products, designed to engender long term loyalty from their customers. We have continued to deliver strategies and solutions that have helped our clients identify, attract, develop and retain customers or motivate employees.

From developing the initial creative concept and structure for a program, to designing, establishing, implementing and managing a program we are the experts in successful ongoing loyalty initiatives - and we know what works!

We know how to get customers to register to participate, gather the information that needs to be captured in our custom built database, the types and frequency of communications with program members, sourcing appropriate rewards items, managing reward fulfillment, through to ongoing tracking and reporting...we co-ordinate the entire package!

Origination can help you create a reward or loyalty program to give you:

  • a unique advantage over your competitors
  • an additional reason for customers to transact with your organisation
  • extremely valuable information about your customers
  • the ability to build relationships and increase individual customer lifetime value
  • an additional tool for your sales team

Find out more about how a loyalty or reward initiative could benefit your business:

Contact Kevin Taylor on 03 9488 0202 or 0418 340 023 or via email:

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